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West Country Games

If you are heading out to either Bath or Bristol for a hen party this year and want to do something completely different and have a whole load of blow-up outdoor fun, then West Country Games is the perfect hen do activity for your group.  West Country Games are a series of inflatable activates out in the countryside, think Its A Knock Out.





Fill up your pint and make a dash along the run. Hens are strapped to a bungie cord and the aim of the game is to get you pint of cider onto the tray at the end before the Bungie pulls you back. 

Hen on cider run


Settle any disrupts farmer style with our inflatable pitchforks. The aim of the game is to bash and thrash your opponent until they fall off the podium.

hens hitting each other with pitch forks


Fire your tennis balls and cider apples at that noisy Wurzel band using a catapult strapped to your feet. The winner is the one who hits the target or comes the closest. 

west country games


Split into teams and use those muscles girls to mall a tractor tyre from one end of the course to another, do a silly dance then cross the finish line.

Group of ladies on west country games


Get revenge on any of those ladies in your group that have brought the same clothes or handbag as you in the past. Dress in giant inflatable fat suites and whack your opponent with massive inflatable bags. The person who scores the most hits is the winner.

Hens dressed up in inflatable suites


An event designed to test your hand eye coordination. Wang a welly boot into a series of targets. 


For this event girls we hope your head is not still spinning from the night before. Take a spin around the pole to get your drunk googles working then do your best to knock the skittles down.


Let some pre wedding stress out by flinging a sack of potatoes at your friends who are perched on cider kegs. Nock your friends of their perch to win points.

Its a Knock out acitvity


Give the hen a nice cold shower. Sit her underneath a bucket of ice water ask 3 impossible questions to answer. If she gets them wrong, then it’s time to make her scream and unleash the downpour.

 Hen party group


  • Nine crazy games
  • Photos taken throughout the session
  • Duration 2 - 3 hours 
  • Two sessions available: Morning Session - 10:30am Arrival, 11:15am Games. Afternoon Session - 1:30pm Arrival, 2pm Games 
  • Over 18s only 


What To Wear?

We recommend going for fancy dress to help create some fun, Bring old trainers or boots.  

If you are heading further west on her hen do and going to Cardiff, then check out the Welsh Games Activity.

Ts & Cs apply. Over 18s only. Unfortunately pregnant ladies cannot participate. Please ensure you are appropriately insured.

Each of our packages includes one hen party activity. You have a wide range of activities to choose from in each city.

Choose a package

As part of our ‘Make Her Feel Special’ promise we can plan more than one activity for your hen party.

*Please note that some activities may not be available in all cities.

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