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Hen Party Activities and Ideas


Hen Party Activities and Ideas

No Hen Party is complete without a fun and engaging day/ night time activity. In fact, the activies planned for a hen party can be the key factor in making the whole weekend a big success. But what activity should I choose? There are literally hundreds to choose from now a days. So we decided to help by putting together a little guide below  to help you put on the perfect hen party.



*Top Tip*  Create a Facebook group for the hen party and invite everybody that is going or shows interested in going. Then you can start to get an idea of numbers and what the general feel for the weekend should be like . How to create a facebook group?



How many people are going?

This is the first thing you should do is get an idea of how many peole are going.  Don’t worry if you don’t know the exact numbers but an estimate is always a good start.

With Chic most hen parties that have booked with us in the past have an average size of 10 people. So this could be a good starting point.

We always recommend finding an estimate of numbers first as some activities are not feasible and just too expensive per person for lower numbers.



*Top Tip* Do not get misled by the people who say yes when asked at first but then don’t have the commitment to back it up.  To gain some sort of  commitment we recommend that as party leader once you have an estimate of price per person, share this with the group along with a deposit amount per person and date which you need it by. This will filter out the people that actually plan to go and those who don't 





What is an acceptable budget?

Ask yourself what is an acceptable budget per person? We recommend talking with the people that are going and ask what they are willing or can afford to pay per person for the hen party.

hen with money

hen party top tip *Top Tip* Remember you may be dealing with a high number of people here. What you can afford or think it a reasonable price to pay can be vastly different to what somebody else is willing to pay. Treat planning a hen party as a democracy not a dictatorship.






Don’t forget ladies it’s your best friend’s send-off.  The safest bet is to use your years of knowledge in knowing the bride to be to think exactly what she would like to do. 

For example

  •          Does she like to think of herself as classy? (A spa break is a good contender here)
  •          Would she like to do something active and outdoorsy? (Paintballing, High Ropes)
  •          It’s all about hair of the dog and a night out for her? (Cocktail Making and Club Passes)
  •          Wild and entertaining something that she wouldn’t do again (Nude Life Drawing, Strippers)


hens with bride

hen party top tip

*Top Tip* 

When choosing the activity remember the future mother in law will most likely be there,  how uncomfortable is the bride going to  to feel around her with a naked man in her face. However, she might love it who know's?



What types of activies are available?

You can basically split hen party activities down into 6 group just click on any you fancy for more information 


                    ACTVIE HEN PARTY                                                                                                                      RELAXING HEN PARTY

active hen party ideasrelaxing hen party ideas




                        Traditional Hen Party                                                                                                    DIFFERENT  HEN PARTY

traditional hen party ideasdifferent party ideas


                      CHEEKY AND WILD  HEN PARTY                                                                                                          VINTAGE PARTY

cheeky and wild hen party ideasvintage hen party ideas


If you are still unsure check out our most popular Hen Weekend Activities 




Most Popular Hen Party Activities 

most popular hen party ideas




 This should help narrow down the options and remember we are always here to help just get in touch if you have a question?  Contact us


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