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Terms and Conditions

Package Terms & Conditions

Chic are governed by The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 (the Regulations), and anyone using the packages need to comply with relevant Laws and Legislations in the countries visited on our packages.  

These terms and conditions act as a legal document under English Law and define the rights and obligations of the contractual parties for the packages and activities offered.

 Contractual Parties and Definition of Terms:

“Us” “We” “Our”- Chic Hen Parties, 4 Badminton Close, Dudley, West Midlands, DY1 2UH.

“Client” “Group Leader”  “Party Leader” ”You” ”Your”- the person who signs the booking form on behalf of the booking party. All references to/obligations of the Client apply to the client and all members of the booking party who they represent. Group leaders must be 18 years old.

 "Booking Party" or “group members” refers to all persons named on the booking confirmation and/or any alterations/additions agreed to by both parties.

“Booking” “Booking Confirmation” The agreed itinerary, booking agreement, and group members list sent to the client.
"Itinerary" “activities” activity” - a list of selected activities, accommodation and or other associated services, and relevant pricing details as agreed in the booking confirmation.

"Supplier" - the contracted party used to fulfil the supply of any of the services set out in the booking agreement. Suppliers have their own terms and conditions which will need to be complied with.

 Booking Conditions

By booking a package or activity with us you confirm that you, and all the members of your booking party have read and accepted these booking conditions, disclaimers and our privacy policy.

 1)      Bookings and Payments

a)      Bookings are placed by the group leader who provides an estimate of group numbers, details of the package/ activity required and pays the initial deposit. We will send an acknowledgement of the booking requirements and begin to make initial arrangements in accordance with these booking conditions. A binding contract occurs once we have sent our booking confirmation to you.

b)      Bookings, changes, cancellations and acceptance of terms made by the group leader are deemed as being accepted by all party members.

2)      Responsibilities of the Group Leader

a)      The group leader must check the booking confirmation and any documentation upon receipt and contact us immediately if anything appears to be wrong. We need to be notified of any inaccuracies within 24 hours of sending the documentation out. After that the client is responsible for additional costs or consequences incurred in rectifying any documentation.

b)      It is the group leader’s responsibility to ensure all monies due are paid by the due dates.

c)       Some activities have age restrictions. We assume that all group members are aged 21 and must be notified if this is not the case. We are not responsible if any problems arise if a party member is below this age limit.

d)      The group leader is responsible for ensuring group members satisfy all passport, visa, ID, travel insurance and health certificate requirements necessary for the booking. We accept no responsibility for consequences or expenses incurred through irregular documentation. If we need to re-issue tickets additional costs incurred are payable by the client.

e)      All group members need full and comprehensive travel insurance to cover all aspects of their booking with us as well as any other unconnected sports or activities they may wish to participate in.

f)       Some packages involve strenuous activities and the group leader must ensure all group members have the fitness levels necessary for activities booked.

g)      Some activities carry inherent risks to the client’s safety and wellbeing. In this case you may be asked to sign an additional waiver form by the supplier. It is the group’s own responsibility to ensure party members participating have full and appropriate insurance.

h)      The group leader needs to supply details of any existing disability, medical or physical problem (weight /height included) of a group member that could affect the accommodation or activities you wish to book. We can refuse to accept the booking if we believe arrangements may not be suitable. If you have not notified us and a group member is unable to participate due to the conditions above we are not liable for any losses, additional costs or compensation arising. If we have not been given details of any medical or physical problem or disability at the time of booking, we may cancel the booking if we later believe arrangements may not be suitable and the full cost of the package will still be payable as agreed.

i)        Some packages may have additional terms and conditions outlined in the package details and it is the group leader’s responsibility to ensure they are read and adhered to.

j)        You are the only person allowed to make any changes to the booking. If you want to make changes you need to inform us as soon as possible. We will attempt to help but cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so. If we can make the change as requested you will be liable for any additional costs incurred in addition to an administration fee of £50.00. If we cannot make the changes as requested then the original booking remains as agreed and you will be liable for any cancellation costs incurred or outstanding payments due.

k)      If you change your booking then any discounts you may have received at the time of your original booking may be altered or reduced as a result. You will be responsible for any additional costs incurred.

l)        If you wish to cancel all or part of your booking, you need to notify us up to 6 weeks before to the start date of your package but you will lose any deposit. Within 6 weeks from the start date of you package, any cancellations, or if we are entitled to treat your booking as cancelled in accordance with these booking conditions then all costs incurred, losses and expenses  incurred by us as a result will remain payable by you.

3)      Our Responsibilities

a)      Chic will use all reasonable care to ensure that your booking runs according to plan, including the careful selection of suppliers of services, accommodation and activities used in your itinerary.

b)      When the provisions of the Package Travel, Package Holidays, and Package Tour Regulations 1992 ("Package Regulations") may not apply Chic will accept liability for personal injury claims if they arise from a direct result of the proven negligence of its direct contracted staff  if they were acting in the course of their employment relative to the booking.

c)       In cases where the Package Regulations apply to the confirmed booking, Chic accepts liability for the proven negligence of its staff and Suppliers (acting in the course of their employment or contract) in providing the services or activities that form part of the confirmed booking.

d)      Chic will offer reasonable help, advice and assistance to the booking party if any member suffers difficulties whilst participating in a Chic package.

4)      Our Limitations of Liability

a)      We are not liable where failure in the performance of the contract is caused by: you, an unconnected third party, where the problem is unforeseeable or unavoidable or in cases of force majeure.  This includes but is not limited to:

I)                    If the Client or a member of the booking party are at fault, including loss or damage resulting from failure to abide by these terms and conditions.

II)                  Failure of a booking party member to observe safety instructions and guidelines

III)                Failure of a booking party member to observe schedules and advised times.

IV)               Changes to the booking itinerary instructed by a booking party member directly to any Suppliers or Services without our acknowledgement of change.

V)                 Inappropriate behaviour on the part of a member of the booking party including but not limited to legal transgression, drunkenness, violent or reckless behaviour, breaking rules and regulations and rudeness.

VI)               Anything that happens during and excursion, tour, activity or otherwise not forming part of the arrangements supplied by us.

VII)             Failure or problems arising from an unconnected third party.

VIII)           Force majeure

b)      No compensation is payable if we have to cancel or change your arrangements as a result of unusual or unforeseeable circumstances the consequences of which could not have been avoided even with all due care. These include unavoidable problems with transportation, war or threat of war, civil strife, industrial disputes, natural disaster, bad or unsuitable weather, fire, flood, overbooking, epidemic or terrorist activity or all other events that could be classified as beyond our reasonable control.

c)       Accommodation, activities and other services are carried out subject to the supplier's conditions. Our liability is limited in accordance with the contractual terms of the companies that provide these arrangements and any relevant international conventions. We are to be regarded as having all benefit of any limitation of compensation contained in these or any conventions.

d)      Where loss, damage or injury is caused by one of Chic’s suppliers, our acceptance of liability is subject to assignment to it of the claimant's rights against the former and to the claimants co-operating with Chic in any legal action it may take to enforce any right of subrogation or by way of any third party proceedings. Any liability we may have to you in these circumstances will be proportional in respect of measures of responsibility.

e)      If Chic admits to liability to more than one party, the limit on our liability will be shared between the parties who may share it as they see fit.

f)       Subject to these booking conditions, if we or our suppliers perform or arrange your holiday arrangement negligently, taking into account all relevant factors (e.g. following the complaints procedure as described in these conditions and the extent to which the negligence affected the overall enjoyment of your holiday) we will pay you reasonable compensation. Except in cases involving death injury or illness, our liability is limited to twice the cost per person of the specific arrangements per person affected.

g)      The provisions in section 8 are in addition to any other limitation of liability contained in these Booking Conditions and does not affect any statutory rights you may have.

5)      Changes and Cancellations

a)      We aim to provide you with all the services confirmed in the Booking Confirmation, but as we use independent suppliers for our packages we have no direct control over these. Sometimes changes may have to be made, and we reserve the right to make these when necessary. We will always let you know of any change as soon as possible, but if the change may significantly alter your itinerary prior to your departure we will offer you with three alternatives

i)                    Alternative arrangements of equivalent or similar price and standard (at least) if available.

ii)                   Alternative arrangements of a lower standard and refund the difference in price.

iii)                 To cancel the arrangements affected and refund of all monies paid for that arrangement. You must notify us of your choice of alternatives within 7 days of our offer otherwise we will put one of the alternatives into place on your behalf.

b)      If in the unlikely event we have to change or cancel your arrangements after departure we will tell you as soon as possible and offer you the following options.

i)                    Alternative arrangements of equivalent or similar price and standard (at least) if available.

ii)                   Alternative arrangements of a lower standard together and refund the difference in price.

iii)                 To cancel the arrangements affected and refund of all monies paid for that arrangement.

c)       If change or cancellation occurs as a result of circumstances beyond anyone’s reasonable control (force majeure) then no recompense or compensation will be payable.

d)      If we cancel as a result of your failure to pay your deposit, the balance or any other sum where all sums will become due and payable then no refund will be given.

e)      Some packages or activities are only operational with a minimum number of people. We will inform you of the minimum number of people necessary prior to booking but if for some reason there are insufficient numbers in group post booking, then we have the right to cancel the arrangements in question or increase in the total payable by each person in the group. If we have to do this we will tell you as soon as possible. If we cancel for lack of numbers in accordance with this clause, no compensation or refund will be payable.

f)       If your booking was accepted "subject to availability” or similar, and the arrangements are not available we will refund any monies paid on the booking.

g)      If we have to cancel the booking prior to departure (for non to the reasons outlined in these booking conditions) we will refund all monies paid on the booking.

6)      Prices and payment terms

a)      We reserve the right to alter prices shown if necessary, and will tell you of any changes before we send you the Booking Confirmation. Once this has been sent then (except in unusual circumstances) the price shown will be honoured and no surcharges or other fees will be payable except where expressly provided for in the booking conditions.

b)      On making a booking the group leader will pay a non-refundable deposit of £50. The group leader is then responsible for collecting a further £25 deposit per person (also non-refundable) within 2 weeks to secure their place. Unless a different timescale for payment is confirmed by us in writing, the balance of the total price of your booking needs to be paid by each group member 6 weeks before the package start date. It is the responsibility of group leader to ensure all payments are made by group members by the due date for payment. If your travel date falls below the 6 week time period the full balance needs to be paid on receipt of your booking confirmation.  Final numbers who have paid the balances due will be confirmed at this 6 week point and any alterations or additional costs incurred should any group member fail to pay will become payable by the group leader.  

c)       Payments via our website or by telephone are made using a secure payment system with a credit or debit card. A surcharge of 2.5% is incurred on credit card payments and 75p on debit card payments, this will be automatically added to payment amounts.  Card charges are non-refundable, unless we cancel your booking.

d)      All deposits, payment instalments, pre-paid expenses, tickets purchased, administration and service fees are non-refundable and can only be transferred if agreed by us.

e)      Multi-activity discounts may apply to your booking so if a group member decides not to participate in an activity thus losing the discount, then we reserve the right to alter the monies due for the remainder of the activities included within the original package.

f)       Prices are inclusive of value added tax or similar sales tax.

7)      Complaints Procedure

a)      Please bring any complaints should you have one to the immediate attention of any supplier or accommodation provider who will do their best to rectify the situation.

b)      If your complaint is not resolved then please contact us with details of your complaint immediately so we can attempt to address and rectify any issues you may have.

c)       Unresolved issues need to be bought to our attention in writing within 7 days of your return.




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